Emotional Transformation Therapy For Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues
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Emotional Transformation Therapy for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

In the past, long-term talk therapy was the go-to treatment for those suffering with substance abuse and mental health issues. Many people benefit greatly from this kind of session, but since others are less responsive, new therapies (along with better insight) have changed the way that we treat certain disorders involving the mind – which is often a component in addiction.

One reason why long-term talk therapy might prove ineffective is that painful memories are often the root of addiction, and people naturally repress such painful experiences. Unfortunately, they still affect behavior and may be exacerbating mental health issues or leading to dependency. Unearthing what the mind is trying to protect itself from can have complex repercussions. Long-term talk-therapy can unravel painful memories, but without proper guidance, it can leave some people feeling untethered.

The Mind/Body Disconnect

Our brains are complex. They sacrifice proper communication for self-preservation. “Advanced” part of the mind, responsible for conscious thought, can approach problems with logic. The primitive areas, on the other hand, are responsible for actually believing such things. A disconnect can lead to statements like “I know I shouldn’t be anxious, but I still cannot believe that I am not anxious.”

In many cases, reconnecting these portions of the brain is the only way to deal with mental health issues in an effective manner. It can take months, even years, of talk therapy to unearth hidden memories – then resolve them in a healthy way – making progress a real challenge. Emotional Transformation Therapy is a relatively new method of treatment that aims to change the standard for dealing with addiction and mental health disorders.

What Is Emotional Transformation Therapy?

Emotional Transformation Therapy, or ETT, is a type of treatment that uses colors and lights to “unlock” hidden memories. Flashing patterns and shapes are projected towards the patient’s eyes. The rhythmic flashing or pulsating of the light is combined with gentle guidance from the facilitator.

The light continues as the facilitator begins to explore emotional problems in the past. They are able to discuss emotional conflicts, painful memories, stresses, blocks, and more. Just as your skin has difficultly healing over a splinter, your mind may be unable to cope with these toxic feelings trapped inside it. Once the memories, events, or feelings are uncovered, the facilitator will also help the patient begin to release such negativity.

ETT is cathartic and can also tackle self-limiting feelings. Emotions such as shame, anger, fear, and guilt are gently but thoroughly managed in a rapid period of time. ETT does not require months or years of sessions to see results.

Why ETT Works

ETT works because of the power of light and color. The patterns and rhythms create specific responses from the human mind. These brain-based therapies have only been discovered in the last decade, but they are quickly proving their worth among patients and professionals alike.

There are many reasons why Emotional Transformation Therapy is so heavily praised. For many people, the most important aspect is speed. They often see results in timeframes that are impossible with traditional talk therapy. ETT is also:

  • Natural – There are no medications associated with Emotional Transformation Therapy.
  • Effective – Patients notice immediate results in many cases, making ETT one of the most powerful methods available.
  • Cost-efficient – Traditional therapy can cost huge amounts over time, and time is necessary to see results. ETT offers better progress and better savings.
  • Transformative – People often see huge personal changes when they eliminate painful memories that are holding them back.
  • Enlightening – ETT is cathartic and can renew creativity and determination. Many patients feel completely renewed and freed after a session.

Emotional Transformation Therapy for Substance Abuse

Most cases of substance abuse are not standalone issues. The dependency is most often tied to mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. All too often, these disorders are caused by forgotten traumatic events or feelings the patient is subconsciously managing. As the issues grow stronger, the dependency on drugs and alcohol increases as well.

ETT is highly effective for many people who are substance abusers because it helps treat the root cause of their addiction. When the flashing lights and colors unearth past events and feelings, the individual can deal with them properly and let them go. With the catalyst removed, it’s easier for them to recover from substance abuse. This is simply because they may no longer feel as though they need it.

ETT at Reflections Recovery Center

Emotional Transformation Therapy is still uncommon in the United States, but the treatment experts at Reflections Recovery Center offer the service. Our facilitators are trained to help patients conquer their most painful and problem-causing memories to move on with their lives and leave substance abuse in the past.

If you or a loved one needs help battling an addiction, especially one linked to mental health issues, you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to Reflections Recovery Center and see how much professional assistance and an encouraging environment can help get your life back.

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