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Gender Specific Drug Treatment

There are many benefits to gender-specific drug treatment programs. In the case of Reflections Recovery Center, male-only substance abuse rehabilitation provides a distraction-free and inclusive environment to heal and grow while abstaining from substances. It also provides the opportunity to focus on issues only plagued by the male gender. Oftentimes, these issues pertain to members of the opposite sex, so to have an environment solely devoted to men makes it easier to confront these types of issues and to facilitate productive discussions. There are three main categories of benefits that can be found from male-only drug rehabilitation. They are connection, inclusion and focus.

In providing a safe and comfortable environment to quit using and abusing substances, Reflections Recovery Center’s male-only groups and activities allow patients to better connect with one another. The feelings of likeness and commonality strengthen the bonds cultured in treatment and allow for relationships to grow and last long after treatment is over. Men are faced with similar problems and seeing those same problems in other men creates a feeling of connection not found in other settings. In a situation where patients are comfortable sharing their feelings, therapy becomes doubly as effective.

Oftentimes, therapy can be daunting for patients. The idea of sharing core feelings and thoughts with a group of relatively random people can be frightening. Having male-only programming helps facilitate an inclusive and inviting place where core issues and feelings can be shared freely. Although our therapists do their best to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for patients to connect and share, outside influences, such as members of the opposite sex, can be distracting.

Focus is key when it comes to effective treatment. In distracting surroundings, therapy can be difficult and connection almost impossible. Male-only groups and activities make focus possible and allows increased connection between patients during challenging times. Without this focus, rehabilitation is inhibited and healing cannot take place. Because problems are often related to members of the opposite sex, the absence of those members make discussions easier and more fluid.

Building Brotherhood in Recovery Through Outdoor and Adventure Addiction Therapy
One of the forms of therapies we utilize in our men’s substance abuse programs is adventure therapy, and we participate in a lot of outdoor activities throughout treatment. For those that have spent years focusing only on keeping up with their addiction, getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors is actually a new experience for them. Through our outdoor sessions, wilderness hikes, mountain climbing, cliff-diving, and swimming, men in our program further strengthen their bond of brotherhood. Men in our program support each other through not only our counseling and group therapy sessions, but throughout our outdoor therapy adventures. As friends and peers, our guests work together to find purpose and to understand how a life without drugs and alcohol can be rewarding, and worth living.

Why Men’s Only Rehab with a Focus on Building Bonds Works to Prevent Relapse and Strengthen Addiction Recovery
Our men’s only treatment program for substance abuse and addiction has been recognized as one of the top centers for alcohol treatment in the country, best dual diagnosis and mental health treatment facility in Arizona, and has been called the “best heroin treatment program for men” due to our unique treatment style. Putting young men in a sterile and institutional setting and telling them what they need to do is simply not as effective as creating a program that responds to their unique needs and shows them how a life without drugs and alcohol can be more rewarding. Furthermore, our rehab alumni take with them the experiences from treatment out into the world, and embed what they have learned into their own lives. To put it simply, our men’s only rehab program works for men young and older, and offers a better chance at a successful rehabilitation from substance abuse and addiction.