Getting Off Suboxone: Do I Need Addiction Treatment and Detox?
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Getting Off Suboxone: Do I Need Addiction Treatment and Detox?

If you have struggled with opiate addiction, you may have begun a medically assisted detox program that utilizes Suboxone to minimize withdrawal symptoms. While this method can benefit those who begin the program with a taper down program. However, many people begin a treatment program that simply replaces the opiates with Suboxone, this is called Opioid Maintenance treatment. While this treatment is approved by the FDA, long-term use of Suboxone carries its own set of risks.

If you are considering getting off Suboxone without going back to Opiates, you may wonder if a detox program is necessary. Detoxing from Suboxone breaks that last chain that Opiates have around you. Once that chain is broken you have the freedom to live the life you want without daily or weekly appointments are your local Suboxone clinic. Imagine being able to travel freely for work or leisure without worrying about if you have enough Suboxone for the time you will be gone.

How Does Suboxone Addiction Happen

For people who have been heavily abusing opioid drugs such as OxyContin or Heroin, Suboxone has been used to control withdrawal symptoms while getting the patient off illegal opioids. The type of treatment plan used usually depends on the amount and frequency of the patient’s use of opiates. For a patient that has been a heavy long-term user of heroin, a quick taper down treatment plan may do more harm than good. However, studies have shown that several outpatient treatment facilities use Suboxone to replace opiates for long periods of time which can lead to suboxone addiction rather than recovery from addiction. If you have been using Suboxone at high doses for a long time, Suboxone detox will be necessary to break the cycle of addiction.

Quitting Suboxone Safely

When attempting to get off of Suboxone after long-term elevated maintenance doses, it is important to find a reputable Suboxone rehab facility such as Reflections Recovery Center. Detoxing from Suboxone should be done in a closely monitored environment at a slow pace. There can be health risks associated with getting off of Suboxone if done incorrectly. Just like any addiction, quitting cold turkey is never a safe plan for recovery. The risk of relapse or death is much higher when trying to kick an addiction cold turkey without help.

Tips for Getting Off Suboxone

The first step to getting off Suboxone is to find a treatment and recovery program that fits your needs. An ideal program would address the use of Suboxone as a maintenance plan for Opiate recovery. The program will examine the dosage you are currently taking and design a customized gradual taper down Suboxone detox schedule. This will allow your body to slowly adjust to the lower dosage over time.

Once you have found a treatment program, it is important to have a good support system in place with your family and friends. These people will keep you focused on recovery and often will hold you to your promise of recovery. Having a strong support system can make all the difference when recovering from addiction.

Why Suboxone Detox is Important

Getting Off Suboxone: Do I Need Addiction Treatment and Detox?When you made the first step toward recovery from Opiate addiction, you were given a great start with Suboxone treatment. However, this treatment was never meant as a long-term solution to the problem. Suboxone was approved for a taper schedule to help manage withdrawal symptoms. Over time, research showed that in some cases a long-term maintenance schedule was more beneficial and safe for heavy opiate users that could have adverse health events if taken completely off of all opiates or their alternatives. While in these rare extreme cases this may be the solution, it is the exception not the rule. Most opiate abusers would benefit greatly from full sobriety from drugs.

Once you have been Suboxone for a length of time, it is important for your physical, emotional, and mental health to complete an appropriate suboxone detox program. The safest way to detox from Suboxone is the taper down method. This method will successfully help lower your dosage over time until you no longer need the medication and are able to live a healthy and sober life.

How We Can Help

As a Suboxone rehab facility, we offer a holistic therapy environment to focus on your recovery and detox with a variety of outdoor activities to keep you both physically and mentally active. This will help you maintain or regain your overall health while recovering from addiction.

We are not a short-term recovery program but rather a long-term Suboxone rehab. We will be there for you from day one through the end of your program. We help to ensure you have a solid foundation for a sober lifestyle upon completion of our program.

If you are ready to live a life that doesn’t include Suboxone Maintenance therapy, call us today at Reflections Recovery Center. We are here to help you live the best life you can. Get on the road to recovery today.