Why a Great Alumni Program Is Critical for Long-Term Sobriety
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Why a Great Alumni Program Is Critical for Long-Term Sobriety

Getting treatment for addiction is essential. Yet the recovery process doesn’t stop after inpatient treatment ends. Anyone rebuilding their life after addiction benefits greatly from ongoing support to help keep the momentum going. That’s why a strong alumni program is critical to maintaining sobriety after rehab.

There are four things to look for when trying to find the best addiction treatment program to get well now, and prevent addiction relapse in the future.

Aftercare Support – Celebrate and Reinforce Recovery

Inpatient treatment sets the foundation for a life of sobriety. Outpatient aftercare services help graduates build out the details of their new life, including:

  • A Plan to Deal with Cravings and Rough Periods
  • Advice and Support as Old Relationships Are Repaired and New Relationships Are Forged
  • Coaching as New Challenges Arise and Opportunities Present Themselves

At Reflections Recovery Center, our alumni aftercare program includes group counseling twice a week and individual counseling once a week. This provides both the highly personalized support you get from one-on-one attention, as well as the camaraderie of experiencing the ongoing recovery journey with your peers.

Our graduates are like family. We want to celebrate recovery at every turn in life. And our alumni know that they always have a place to turn to celebrate the good times and push through the challenging moments.

Sober Living – Empowered Transitions

Aftercare Support – Celebrate and Reinforce RecoverySober living housing gives recovering individuals the option to continue recovery in a less structured environment while still receiving outpatient services to aid in transitioning back to independent life.

At Reflections, we offer a “3/4”-style sober living house that clients manage themselves, giving them the opportunity to more easily transition into a lifestyle without addiction by:

  • Paying Rent
  • Contributing to Household Duties and Decision-Making
  • Holding a Job and/or Attending School
  • Balancing Outpatient Treatment and Daily Activities
  • Practicing Life Skills

Participants in our sober living program are offered this service for up to three months. We also provide them with the resources to find their own places to live, whether it be in Prescott or elsewhere.

During this time, our clients learn the importance of balancing true life skills with recovery and have a chance to find themselves with less direction from us. We continue to support them with aftercare services during this time as they gain valuable life experience in a safe, sober environment.

Active Alumni Participation – Moving On Together

Close-knit alumni support is also an important part of a strong sobriety support plan. We host a variety of adventuresome events throughout the year to help our alumni stay connected with one another beyond primary treatment. Not only are these events fun, but they also give alumni the chance to share their stories with other alumni and current clients who can relate to their experiences.

Some of the special events our alumni participate in throughout the year include:

  • Excursions Throughout the Southwest
    • Hiking
    • Skate Parks
    • Mountain Biking
  • BBQs
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

Alumni participation reenergizes the commitment to sobriety, to community, and belief in oneself. Who doesn’t need that?

Mentoring – Passing the Torch

In addition to the casual peer support that comes from alumni events, clients can also benefit from a more structured mentoring program.

Our “Passing the Torch” program builds character and self-esteem. Reflections alumni coach young clients coming into treatment through a mentor/mentee system. These relationships provide a hands-on understanding that there are others who have experienced what they have and who feel what they feel. Through perseverance, the mentees come out of the process as leaders ready to mentor someone else in recovery – passing the torch.

Alumni Recovery Support Keeps Sobriety Strong

At Reflections, those who have graduated from our primary treatment program have the opportunity to apply for our alumni program, which includes:

  • Outpatient Aftercare, Including Group Counseling and Individual Counseling
  • A Space in a Sober Living Home for up to Three Months
  • Support in Finding Employment and Permanent Housing
  • Access to All Alumni Events and Trips

We believe that our graduates always have a home with us, and we truly enjoy getting to be a part of their transition back to normal, treatment free life. We invite you to learn more about our sober living program for alumni:

Sober Living After Addiction Treatment