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Men’s Only Rehab: Building Brotherhood in Recovery from Addiction

Reflections Recovery’s addiction treatment program for men has an added benefit – that many other addiction treatment programs – do not have; guests of our program build bonds between each other in their recovery, and form a brotherhood that lasts well beyond treatment and into long term recovery and sobriety.

The Reflections Recovery Center Family

Supportive Addiction Recovery Staff
It is not only our guests that form bonds during addiction treatment and recovery; the Reflections Recovery Staff, counselors and therapy providers also work closely with the men staying with us, and we quickly form bonds with each other.

Though we as addiction counselors all develop a strong relationship our guests, it is our guests themselves who form the strongest bonds with each other, creating a brotherhood. This brotherhood helps individuals to strengthen their will and want for sobriety, and really gives guests a sense of purpose – even from the first days of recovery – that helps them to carry on through treatment, into aftercare, and continues long after our guests transition back into their lives outside of treatment.

Men in Addiction Recovery Need a Sense of Purpose During Recovery: Brotherhood Gives Purpose

One of the challenges in early addiction recovery for men is for those in treatment to find their purpose, or a motivation for continued work during treatment. When men suffering with addiction to drugs and alcohol first arrive in treatment, they are in a very fragile state. Many have hit a “rock bottom” moment, where they are unsure of what the future holds for them.

Many of our guests are in a state of such a severe addiction, that they are literally faced with life or death decisions – recover or face the very real threat of death – especially with severe addiction to alcohol, opioids, and heroin.

Our guests are in a period of transition in their lives when they arrive at our Northern Arizona rehab facility, and often need a little motivation to keep them on-track with their recovery goals. Even though our addiction treatment staff welcomes our guests with open arms when they arrive, it is usually their fellow men in treatment that make them feel fully at home and comfortable.

Brotherhood In Recovery - Reflections Arizona

Building Brotherhood in Recovery Through Outdoor and Adventure Addiction Therapy

One of the forms of therapies we utilize in our men’s substance abuse programs is adventure therapy, and we participate in a lot of outdoor activities throughout treatment. For those that have spent years focusing only on keeping up with their addiction, getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors is actually a new experience for them.

Through our outdoor sessions, wilderness hikes, mountain climbing, cliff-diving, and swimming, men in our program further strengthen their bond of brotherhood.

Men in our program support each other through not only our counseling and group therapy sessions, but throughout our outdoor therapy adventures. As friends and peers, our guests work together to find purpose and to understand how a life without drugs and alcohol can be rewarding, and worth living.

Arizona Adventure Therapy for Addiction Treatment

At Reflections Recovery Center, we regularly schedule outdoor activities for our men’s rehab program attendees that – depending on the season – can include watersports, kayaking, hiking, and more. We regularly explore the many environments Northern Arizona has to offer, including trips to the Grand Canyon, trips to the beautiful and mystical Sedona, Arizona, getaways and day trips to Flagstaff, or exploring the wilderness around Prescott and Prescott Valley.

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Our guests enjoy our activities and trips in between the hard work it takes to reshape your lifestyle, and learning how to live a more positive and productive life without drugs and alcohol. The memories made during their stay at Reflections last a lifetime, and serve as a basis of how life experiences can offer happiness and comfort in their sobriety.

Why Men’s Only Rehab with a Focus on Building Bonds Works to Prevent Relapse and Strengthen Addiction Recovery

Our men’s only treatment program for substance abuse and addiction has been recognized as one of the top centers for alcohol treatment in the country, best dual diagnosis and mental health treatment facility in Arizona, and has been called the “best heroin treatment program for men” due to our unique treatment style.

Putting young men in a sterile and institutional setting and telling them what they need to do is simply not as effective as creating a program that responds to their unique needs and shows them how a life without drugs and alcohol can be more rewarding. Furthermore, our rehab alumni take with them the experiences from treatment out into the world, and embed what they have learned into their own lives.

To put it simply, our men’s only rehab program works for men young and older, and offers a better chance at a successful rehabilitation from substance abuse and addiction.

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Reflections provided me with the tools that got me where i am today with 14 months sober.
— Ricky A, Long Beach CA
Reflections gave me a life and an opportunity to become part of society. They challenged me and shaped me into the man I want to be.
— Dyer K, Gilbert AZ
I learned how to stay sober, found my best friends and created a new life at Reflections
— David S, Phoenix AZ

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