Our Prescott Residential Addiction Treatment Experience
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Our Prescott Residential Addiction Treatment Experience

Treatment facilities like Reflections Recovery Center make the road to recovery easier and more effective. Our rehabilitation facility provides a unique take on drug and alcohol recovery, emphasizing the importance of outdoor and extracurricular activities on the journey toward healing. Taking guests out of the standard hospital setting and into our beautiful Prescott, Arizona, grounds encourages being active and enjoying life again. If the following overview of the Prescott residential addiction treatment program inspires you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

The Resident Experience in Prescott, Az

The path to recovery looks a lot brighter from the grounds of the Reflections Recovery Center. There are two separate facilities in Northern Arizona: the outpatient center and the center for residential living. Clean, modern, and creative, the residential treatment center has a wealth of opportunities for guests to explore the great outdoors, have fun to do new activities, and gaining a new lease on life. During the residential addiction treatment program, residents learn new skills they can apply to everyday life. Here’s what guests can expect when they check into the Reflections Recovery Center residential program:

Peaceful Outdoor Spaces

Guests enjoy a safe, healthy, and productive environment surrounded by the serene Prescott countryside. Reflections Recovery Center is located in the breathtaking Bradshaw Mountains and next to the 1.5 million-acre Prescott National Forest, surrounded by forests, lakes, creeks, and valleys. Our clients take advantage of these natural settings, engaging in outdoor activities such as

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • BMXing
  • Softball

Guests explore the outdoor sights and amenities during the day and share bonfires around the grounds in the evenings.

mountain bikingThe surroundings at Reflections Recovery Center are relaxing, peaceful, and encouraging for people struggling with addictions. Guests are reminded that life is beautiful and worth living. Guests can spend quiet time reflecting on the banks of nearby lakes or find a new passion in mountain biking. They can skateboard at the facility park and learn BMX tricks. Guests interact with each other, making lifelong friends and learning to heal during group outdoor activities. The outdoor environment is at the heart of the Prescott residential addiction treatment program.

Private Quarters

During breaks from exciting outdoor activities, our residents can retreat to calming private quarters. Our residential facility is comfortable and homey, with private bedrooms that encourage quiet reflection. Each bedroom is clean, modern, and decorated to encourage relaxation. We provide all linens, bedding, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. Our campus also has large common areas, a private study, cozy and spacious living rooms with entertainment systems, and modern, updated kitchens.

Guests may bring clothing, personal toiletries, decorative items, and mementos from home, and non-Wi-Fi devices such as CD players to make their stay more comfortable. However, since we provide all necessities, guests only need to bring a form of identification, an insurance card, and any current prescription medications. Whether guests want to spend the day in the study in private reflection or lounging with friends in the living room, they can do so in our tranquil indoor spaces.

Modern Treatment Practices

Reflections Recovery Center is known for being modern, edgy, and suited for younger residents. We use cutting-edge holistic treatments because we believe in focusing on the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. Addressing the entire person during addiction recovery is more effective than simply mitigating withdrawal symptoms. Holistic addiction recovery reduces the risk of relapse, addressing the underlying causes of addiction and giving residents tools to combat temptation in the future. The goal of the Prescott residential addiction treatment program is to enable residents to take responsibility for their own physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

meditationGuests in the residential treatment program participate in special activities, events, therapies,
and numerous treatments throughout each day. Trained and licensed professionals help guests engage in progressive holistic treatments such as yoga, reiki, and experiential therapy. Our professionals tailor treatment plans and options to each guest’s specific needs and personal preferences.

Brief Overview of Holistic Treatments

The yoga sessions at Reflections Recovery Center are tailored specifically for addiction recovery, with special poses and practices taught by licensed yoga instructors on the grounds. Yoga promotes mental, physical, and spiritual healing, giving guests an opportunity to learn how to quietly self-reflect and improve mental and physical health. Yoga is also effective for promoting natural feelings of pleasure and contentment – two things people struggling with addiction often lose.

Reiki is the practice of transferring energy from a therapist to the client. Reiki promotes healing and soothing relaxation, as well as letting go of feelings of guilt, shame, and isolation that often instigate addiction. Reiki can help relieve symptoms of withdrawal, making the treatment process easier on guests. Experiential therapy involves outings into Prescott’s beautiful surroundings, led by professionals. It may involve hiking or swimming, or low-intensity activities such as visiting a local museum. Getting guests out of the facility and into the real world is a crucial part of our treatment program.

Location and Surroundings

Conveniently located in Prescott, Arizona, the Center is easily accessible to people from Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Our unique addiction treatment program attracts guests from all over the country. Guests enjoy mild weather, ideal for year-round outdoor activities.

In a location known for its beauty and serene encounters with nature, guests can recover and heal the roots of their addictions. Far enough away from big cities yet close enough to offer access to professional medical and educational services, Prescott is an ideal environment for recovery.

Family Involvement During Treatment

At Reflections Recovery Center, we firmly believe in the power of family and friends during addiction recovery. Participants in our program need a strong support unit they can depend on in times of need. Families are a source of strength and guidance on the path to sobriety, lending words of encouragement. By reaching out to the people who know our residents best, our professional staff can gain insight into each patient’s history and sources of addiction. This makes our treatment methods even more effective.

Each client is assigned a Family Communication Specialist who will work with the resident
throughout the treatment journey. The specialist stays in communication with the familyclient’s family, providing weekly updates and staying available for phone calls with family 24/7. Family members can think of our specialists as a bridge between them and their recovering loved ones, providing answers to questions, important resources, and instructions needed to facilitate long-term mental health.

The love and encouragement a person struggling with addiction receives from loved ones can transform the treatment experience. That’s why we facilitate family participation during the residential treatment program. We host a family weekend every quarter, welcoming family members to a comprehensive two-day workshop in Prescott. Here, family members learn about addiction and the recovery process, as well as things they can do to make a recovery easier for their loved ones.

Learn More About Reflections’ Addiction Treatment Program

If our treatment program sounds like the ideal environment for you or a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, get in touch with us today. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the prospective client’s individual needs and history of abuse and answer admissions questions. To qualify for the program, applicants must be at least 18 years old and suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. We accept several health insurance plans and offer transportation services to out-of-state guests.

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