Reflections Recovery Center Arizona Offers Help for Out-of-State Families
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Reflections Recovery Center in Arizona Offers Help for Out-of-State Families

There’s something to be said about putting distance between the past and the future – literally and figuratively. This ideology is increasingly evident when seeking addiction treatment and recovery for alcohol or drug use.

Imagine your journey of sobriety to be like a new, personal story of your life. There are chapters full of thoughts and images. However, if the chapters only contain the rehashing of old memories, familiar faces and comfortable spaces, there is no positive progression.

Stuck in the same old story and repeating negative habits can turn your addiction autopilot “on.” A national rehab provider, such as Reflections Recovery Center in Arizona, can provide a welcome change for families coast-to-coast.

Help for Out-of-State Families: Getting Away from It All Supports Sobriety

One of the most difficult aspects of drug or alcohol rehab is the disengagement of old behaviors and learning to replace them with healthier ones. It takes an unwavering investment in time and patience for the person in recovery. Pre-established life patterns can undoubtedly compromise the kind of focus needed to work through physical and emotional healing during recovery.

For example, if you or someone you know in New Hampshire is considering rehab for prescription opioid or heroin addiction, searching for addiction treatment centers on the East Coast might seem the logical way to go. But there’s a hook.

The single fear that stops someone from undergoing treatment is from the negative social stigma attached to the term addict. In small neighborhoods and big cities, the thought of running into someone you know during treatment or someone that knows someone that knows you can be horrifying.

Moreover, it can circumvent positive changes already engaged during recovery and jeopardize additional progress. Exploring options through a nationwide drug rehab search can open the door to enhancing long-term sobriety.

Strong Community, Stronger Recovery

According to an article in Forbes magazine, research funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) shows that addicts who receive treatment and recovery in community-based residential programs with shared “recovery-related attitudes, behaviors and social relationships co-evolve” and fare much better than those not participating in this type of environment.

Healing Requires a Broad, Holistic Stroke

Addiction affects a person in two foundational ways: physically and emotionally. Depending on the substance and the longevity of use, trauma is part of the equation. All too often, traumatic events occurred before the development of the addiction. Extensive use exacerbated the addiction, creating a vicious cycle of chemical dependency and spiritual void.

Addiction recovery requires big-picture vision, customized in a manner that protects each rehab client while pushing past the boundaries of comfort into uncharted territory that engages personal growth. Necessary techniques include:

  • Nutritional therapy educates clients on how one’s diet can help ease and enhance the recovery process.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches the importance of goal setting.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy includes practicing mindfulness techniques to hone emotions.
  • EMDR therapy helps minimize the negative effects of past trauma.

Round-the-clock, comprehensive programs better support recovery, since real-life situations go beyond the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Holistic practices that teach clients how to handle communication more effectively help bring balance to the forefront of their lives and the tools needed for successful sober living.

A Breath of Fresh Air Puts Muscle Behind Recovery

There’s science behind the notion that “a change of scenery will do you good.” Especially for those living in snow-covered parts of the country during the winter months, seeking rehab options in the southwestern United States is more desirable.

An article in Science Daily showcases the connection between the physical environment of health treatment and responsiveness of patients in their recovery. A practice referred to as evidence-based design (EBD) plays an important role in the construction of buildings that house patients or clients and provide medical services. Researchers found that programs and procedures that took place within facilities with easy visibility of natural or exterior landscapes resulted in faster recovery rates and more positive experiences.

Active Participation in Epic Proportions

Reflections Recovery Center in Arizona takes the benefits of EBD to an entirely new level. Our clients benefit from tangible connectivity to the air, land and water around them with world-renowned experiential therapies.

Invigorating the senses is vital to successful reintegration into society, drug-free, and it happens through recreational outings that challenge physical and spiritual strength. Trekking local forests, hiking expansive mountains, wading gentle streams and exploring cool rivers bring a sort of “grounding” to recovery that people crave. These are the types of healthy habits that restore inner faith, self-confidence and a will to conquer addiction for good.

If your family is tired of living with the stress of opioid or heroin addiction, or if you’ve had enough of alcoholism being a part of your every day, consider coming to a place that offers a different kind of truth. Enjoy the same benefits that our alumni from across the country continue to talk about and experience as they thrive in well-being, restored.

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