Reflections Recovery Center: Exceptionally LGBT-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab
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Reflections Recovery Center: Exceptionally LGBT-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Giving effective care for an individual in recovery from substance abuse and addiction means treating the “whole person,” and caring for who that person truly is.

The ultimate goal of addiction treatment and recovery is to help an individual learn who they truly are and how to live their life without drugs and alcohol. It is very important in treatment to recognize and respect how an individual identifies themselves, in order to help them see how they can make sobriety a part of their unique identity.

The Importance and Benefits of LGBT-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Rehabilitation from addiction is all about creating a productive life that doesn’t involve using drugs and/or alcohol. In order to show an individual what their life could be like without substance abuse, addiction counselors must recognize who the person is at their core, who they are spiritually and who they are emotionally.

If an addiction rehab program doesn’t recognize an individual for who they are, how can they show them who they can be?

The Risks of Seeking Treatment Outside of LGBT-Friendly Facilities

Reflections Recovery Center LGBT-Friendly Rehabiliation Center in ArizonaThe majority of treatment programs that don’t identify themselves as LGBT-friendly can still be safe for LGBT recovering addicts, and do not hold any real dangers for these individuals.

However, without the LGBT focus, they might not be able to address 100 percent of the individual’s needs or concerns during treatment, which can leave gaps in the rehab and recovery process.

This is why we suggest LGBT-friendly treatment to anyone who identifies as part of the LGBT community – in order to get the most out of their rehab experience.

What we see as a risk for LGBT individuals is entering into a treatment facility or a program whose philosophy is that of anti-LGBT. It can be difficult to recognize a program like this because they won’t necessarily advertise that they are against certain lifestyles.

However, families have been thrown into the incredibly difficult situation of getting a loved one into treatment for addiction only to have that individual’s identity, lifestyle choices, upbringing or sexuality be called into question or demonized. This can not only be confusing and frustrating for the person seeking recovery, but could be detrimental to their recovery as well.

To avoid a distressful situation like this, we recommend that individuals and families look into treatment programs and facilities that transparently make it clear that they are welcoming to the LGBT community. In the case of Reflections Recovery Center, we are exceptionally LGBT-Friendly and offer unique care that is custom-tailored to who you are as an individual.

LGBT-Friendly Rehab Offering a Trauma-Informed Approach to Recovery

Trauma-informed treatment and therapy is available to all of our guests, and is essential in cases where past or ongoing traumatic events play a role in the choice to use drugs and alcohol. Whether the trauma stems from physical violence or sexual abuse, trauma-informed therapy is a higher level of care that can help individuals recover in a safe, comfortable and understanding environment.

Not all of our LGBT guests will need this additional level of care, but it’s an option we keep on the table during the treatment and recovery phases to address any needs that may come up during counseling.

Choosing LGBT Rehab

We always recommend an LGBT-friendly rehab program for the best interest of individuals in the LGBT community, and for the highest chances of successful rehabilitation. But LGBT-friendly rehabs are also the best option for individuals who:

  • Are LGBT-friendly themselves
  • Come from a background of, or have family that identify as, LGBT

LGBT-friendly rehab truly offers a safer environment for recovery, and reaffirms that the care is genuine.

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