Explore Arizona Summer: Enjoying Addiction Treatment and Therapy in Arizona's Outdoors

Reflections Recovery Center’s Summer of Adventure

At Reflections Recovery, we are gearing up for what will be a magical summer for our guests that will be staying with us in the coming months. As part of our ongoing experiential and adventure therapies, we are planning trips throughout Arizona, where our men’s rehab guests will be hiking, mountain climbing, swimming and exploring the many landscapes Arizona has to offer.

Explore Arizona Summer-Enjoying Addiction Treatment and Therapy in Arizona's Outdoors

Our Summer Adventure Schedule

Every summer, we work to create a schedule of adventures that we can enjoy with our guests. This summer, we have put together a list of outdoor activities that give our guests the adventure of a lifetime. One of the biggest adventures we have planned is our hiking trip to the Grand Canyon. This hike will be both challenging and enjoyable, as we set out for an all-day excursion that will take us to one of the great natural wonders of the world.

Other adventures will see our group travel to the nearby area of Sedona, Arizona. This magical and mystical area is known for its gorgeous red rocks and its spiritual vortex – which some believe has healing properties and can allow you to see into your soul and find the meaning of life on this planet.

Many of our guests who arrive from out of state are surprised to find that Arizona offers more than just desert and cacti. Arizona is a diverse landscape with evergreen forests, rivers and lakes, and even snow. We are planning on day-trips to Flagstaff and other Northern Arizona destinations to get some relief from the summer temperatures and give us a chance to connect with nature and each other.

Explore Arizona Summer-Enjoying Addiction Treatment and Therapy in Arizona's Outdoors

The Benefits of Outdoor Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Our adventures into the wild outdoors of Arizona are more than just an excuse to get outdoors and take in the state’s beauty. We have seen the benefits that nature can provide for individuals who are trying to figure out what a sober future holds for them. Many of those attending our men’s addiction treatment program find a sense of renewal and hope through our therapies – especially our outdoor and adventure rehab therapy.

Northern Arizona is the state’s beautiful “backyard” where our groups of clients and therapists can continue the work they start inside our Prescott addiction treatment facility. It’s difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t seen the majesty of Arizona at sunset, but as you are re-building yourself and working to make plans for a sober future, nature seems to reaffirm your decisions. Our guests relate a feeling of “standing on top of the world” realizing how much beauty and good is in the world that they seemed to have missed completely when they were using drugs and alcohol.

Join Us on Our Adventures

Reflections Recovery’s addiction treatment program is a men’s only program that allows men young and older to find a recovery plan that works for them and their lifestyle. Utilizing outdoor and adventure therapy is just one of the ways we bring our holistic rehab therapies to our clients. Our setting, our treatment modalities, and our record of success in turning lives around is the reason that so many families send their sons and loved ones to Arizona to start their recovery.

We invite families from across the US and the world to consider our program in your search for the solution to your loved one’s problems with substance abuse. We already have a great many adventures planned, and your loved one can join us.

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