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What Is Adventure Therapy & how does it help overcome substance abuse?

Adventure therapy, similar to wilderness therapy, is a unique type of psychotherapy that can help people who are seeking to break the cycle of addiction. An adventure addiction therapy program can take many different forms, but usually involves immersive and challenging physical activities in nature.

While adventure therapy is usually associated with outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or mountain biking, any activity that challenges both the body and mind and requires participants to overcome perceived limitations can be used as a therapeutic tool.

Now, it’s easy to look at adventure therapy, also known as recreational therapy, as a convenient way to justify some outdoor fun during the early stages of recovery. However, the merits of adventure therapy are backed by an extensive body of evidence. Scientific research has found that various adventure-based therapies can help people of all ages manage or overcome their mental health issues.

With roots in psychological concepts ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), systems theory and experiential learning, adventure therapy is an integral part of the holistic approach to treating addiction at Reflections Recovery Center.

Benefits of Adventure Therapy in rehab

Participants in the residential addiction rehab program at Reflections Recovery Center experience a number of benefits from adventure therapy, such as:

Getting Exercise

There is little doubt among researchers that physical exercise is of great benefit during the recovery process. Through exercise, clients will begin to reverse much of the physical damage caused by addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Getting Out of Your Head

Spending time in the great outdoors does wonders for clients’ mental well-being. Instead of dwelling on the unpleasant thoughts and feelings commonly associated with the early stages of recovery, clients will become immersed in fun and rewarding activities.

Overcoming Fear

Breaking the cycle of addiction can be terrifying. Many of our clients have spent years helplessly dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, and the thought of taking back control over their lives can be overwhelming.

Through adventure therapy, however, recovering addicts tend to discover that they have the strength and courage to face their fears head on, and that with perseverance, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Discovering New Hobbies and Passions

One way to ensure a lasting recovery from addiction is by replacing destructive habits with healthy ones. Adventure therapy is a wonderful way to discover new passions, many of which clients can continue to pursue long after they have graduated from the addiction treatment program at Reflections.

Whether it involves hiking, swimming or just going to the gym, adventure therapy allows our clients to anchor their recovery to activities and hobbies that bring them a true sense of fulfillment and meaning.

The Activities in Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy features a wide range of different sports and activities. Each activity comes with its own set of benefits.

At Reflections Recovery Center, we guide our clients through a range of activities set in the gorgeous Arizona climate to help them transcend their struggles with addiction. Potential activities include:

  • Weightlifting and physical training
  • Skateboarding
  • Biking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Ropes course running
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Two-hand-touch football
  • Bonfires and BBQs
  • Running
  • Bowling
  • Playing instruments

Other surefire activities that clients will experience in our residential program include:

Hiking and Camping Expeditions

Immersing oneself in nature through hiking and camping is a powerful tool for reconnecting with the world around us. Clients will not only push themselves physically, but they will also learn the value of self-reliance, as well as cooperation and communication with like-minded colleagues.

Outdoor Swimming

Swimming, especially when done in nature, such as in Prescott’s famed Watson Lake, will impart a number of beneficial life skills. For one, there are few sports with more physical benefits than swimming. And once patients find their rhythm in the water, they frequently report entering into a state of “flow,” where all other thoughts and concerns drift away.

Adventure Rehab: Building Bonds and Camaraderie

Feeling alone and isolated is well known to lead to feelings of depression and despair. When these feelings become too much to bear, people often will turn to drugs and alcohol in a desperate attempt at self-medication.

But it’s not just the physical and psychological effects of these substances that provide addicts with relief. Those who struggle with loneliness may use substances as a way to cultivate a circle of “friends” who share their desire to get high or drunk. This group of fellow users also understands what it’s like to live with addiction. Unfortunately, these unhealthy bonds can keep people locked in the cycle of addiction.

Adventure therapy allows recovering addicts to forge new bonds with others who share the desire to live a life free from addiction. Adventure therapy will frequently push clients to their limits, both physically and emotionally. In order to push past self-imposed limitations, clients will need to lean on one another in order to make it through.

By working through the challenges of adventure therapy, clients will collectively build a sense of camaraderie and bonding that is invaluable during the recovery process.

Benefits of Team Building During Recovery

One of the most beneficial aspects of recreational therapy is the way it teaches the necessity of teamwork for overcoming challenges. Many people struggle with opening themselves up to others, especially when vulnerable. The adventure therapy program at Reflections will push clients to their limit. It’s during these trying times that they learn how to work as a team to achieve their personal and collective goals.

The team-building skills learned during adventure therapy carry over into nearly every other aspect of the recovery process. Once a client has found their tribe, they can draw upon fellow sojourners for the strength and support needed to overcome addiction once and for all.

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