Holistic Therapy to Fuel Addiction Recovery

Holistic Addiction Recovery Center In Prescott Arizona

Reflections Recovery Center is committed to utilizing the latest, cutting-edge holistic therapy techniques and experiential Therapies to help our clients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Although our clinical treatment primarily takes place in our outpatient location, the holistic activities we offer to clients take place in nature, in our residential facilities and into the friendly community around us.

Reflections is located in picturesque Prescott, Arizona, accepting new clients from our hometown as well as Prescott Valley, Phoenix, Flagstaff and from across the United States. We offer a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that encompasses the full continuum of care available to treatment seekers – from intervention and detox to residential and aftercare.

Experiential Holistic Addiction Recovery In Prescott AZWhy We Focus on Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Some treatment centers might get caught up on alleviating their clients’ symptoms to the point where they forget to address underlying causes. If that happens, their clients’ risk of relapse increases after inpatient treatment has ceased.

At Reflections, we believe it’s imperative to treat the client as a whole – mind, body and spirit. This is what our holistic addiction recovery center is about: Addressing the entire person instead of only trying to mitigate the symptoms of the addiction (such as withdrawal).

Our goal is to eventually hand over the reins of responsibility to the client regarding their own physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional health. Addiction often lets these qualities go by the wayside, and it usually takes an outside party to help the person up until they are in a better state of mind and physical health.

To help each client take a renewed interest in their own health and overall outlook, holistic therapy is one of the main avenues of treatment we offer.

Our Holistic Addiction Recovery Center’s Methods

We’re constantly adding new forms of holistic treatment to our program – based on new trends and research – but here are the mainstays you can look forward to if you’re admitted to Reflections Recovery Center:

Adventure Therapy

One of our goals at Reflections is to help our clients relearn to enjoy themselves and have a good time without the need for substances. This is why we go on frequent experiential outings in Prescott, Prescott Valley and around Northern Arizona.

Prescott is rife with beautiful mountains and lakes, which means we’ll take clients hiking, swimming and more. This part of Arizona maintains a fairly temperate climate, which allows us to go outdoors almost any time during the year. Our town is also equipped with several skate parks, basketball courts and other outdoor resources.

Recreational activities sometimes involve lower-intensity pursuits such as exploring a museum, bowling or enjoying substance-free social gatherings. No matter the activity, our program aims to address the physical and mental health of each client.

Learn More: Adventure Therapy

Yoga & Holistic Therapy

Yoga is offered recreationally and in treatment centers of all kinds across the country, but at Reflections, our yoga instruction is specifically tailored to addiction recovery. The practice of Yoga originated in India several thousand years ago, and it has gained prominence in the U.S. over the last couple of decades.

In Holistic Therapy, we use Yoga, which helps us achieve several goals at Reflections. The practice gives a physical, mental and spiritual boost to each client. When it comes to battling addiction, yoga is particularly effective in reducing stress and producing feelings of contentment and pleasure.


Reiki is the practice of transferring energy from a therapist (or healer) to another subject. In fact, reiki is a Japanese word that stands for “universal life energy.”

When it comes to treating addiction, reiki promotes relaxation and healing. It also helps alleviate feelings of shame, guilt and isolation.

At Reflections, we’ve found that the practice of reiki helps relieve withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Anxiety

Reiki is one of the primary supplements to our overall approach to addiction treatment at Reflections.

Organized Team Sports

Recovery is a team effort – in rehab and beyond. If you’re going to stay sober after rehab, it’s going to take a dedicated team that supports you. Key stakeholders typically include:

  • Your family
  • Positive friends
  • Counselors
  • Support groups
  • Sponsors or mentors

At Reflections, our clients engage in a number of team-based activities to practice communicating and working in unison with others. These activities include (but are not limited to) softball, Wiffle ball, soccer, basketball and two-hand-touch football.

Clients typically have a blast in getting to do activities such as these during their time in rehab, and more importantly, they’re building traits and skills that will serve them well once they graduate our program and move on into everyday life. Additionally, the camaraderie that team sports tends to elicit cannot be understated.

Other Life Skills

Although our program allows clients to interact more with the outside world than most other treatment centers allow, the very nature of rehab isolates the individual from outside temptations, to some degree. It’s easy to be drug free when you’re in rehab and have help by your side 24/7, but it’s not so easy once you leave the confines of the facility.

We know we can’t keep clients insulated forever from the rest of the world, so a big portion of our program involves preparing them for the return to everyday home life and the real world. This means that we educate on and let them practice essential life skills, ones which go well beyond the narrow scope of relapse prevention strategies.

Life skills we teach in our program include, but are not limited to:

  • Peer support – being able to provide assurance and comfort to others
  • Cooking with peers
  • Teamwork through sports – see above
  • Communication skills
  • Job preparation – along with job search services after graduation
  • Daily stress-relief practices
  • Confidence-building activities – such as positive self-talk and affirmations
  • Volunteering

We believe that our program is second-to-none when it comes to preparing clients for their return to the everyday world. Our life skills training sets our program apart. It might be just the solution you or your loved one needs to overcome addiction for good.

Benefits of Experiential Therapy and Specialized Holistic Therapy

Our experiential and holistic therapies help patients grow both emotionally and spiritually. Some of the advantages of our specialized holistic therapies include:

  • Identification of recovery obstacles as a first step
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-worth
  • Ability to be accountable for one’s actions
  • Empowered, self-aware decision making
  • Able to experience accomplishments of self and others

During experiential and holistic therapy, Reflections group sessions focus on a specific task rather than a therapy outcome. As a result, our clients let down their guard and interact more honestly and openly with therapists. We also encourage engaging with the other participants. Experiential therapy also offers new ideas on how to fill sober time and is an effective way to build relationships,  lasting friendships and connect with your mind, body and spirit.

Our facility in Prescott, Arizona is a safe and effective place for your loved one to heal from addictions and substance abuse. 

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