Effective Treatment Programs for Addiction

Reflections Recovery Center is a leading treatment center in Prescott, Arizona that concentrates on helping men recover from drug and alcohol addiction. From intervention and detox services to inpatient and aftercare, we offer the full spectrum of treatment to males who live in Arizona or even out of state.

The addiction treatment program at Reflections Recovery Center is an inpatient-outpatient model, meaning clients stay overnight at our residential property but then receive treatment at our outpatient facility a short drive away. The Reflections program lasts between 90 and 120 days, depending on the client’s insurance and his progress in recovery. Each treatment plan is highly customized to the medical and psychiatric needs of the individual.

To delve further into the various components of the addiction treatment program at Reflection Recovery Center, click on one of the following seven options.

Group Photo at Reflections Recovery CenterIntervention Services

Do you have a loved one who could use help for addiction, but either denies there’s a problem or outright refuses to be treated?

Have Reflections set up and perform an intervention for your loved one and your family right in your own home. Our interventionists can help the individual see the consequences of his actions and then accept treatment.

Intervention Services

Alcohol and Drug Detox Services

If the substance to which your loved one is addicted is likely to elicit severe withdrawal symptoms, drug and alcohol detoxification is highly recommended before beginning our clinical treatment program. To learn more about the detox services available at Reflections, please click on the button immediately below.

Detox in Prescott, AZ

Family Services

At Reflections Recovery Center, we understand that addiction affects the entire family, not just the individual. We also know that our treatment only improves if we continually solicit the insight of clients’ families. This is why we stress consistent, two-way conversation with each client’s family. We also offer additional family services such as quarterly family weekend workshops for parents, spouses and siblings.

Family Services

Inpatient Treatment Services

Guests of Reflections Recovery Center get to live in a large, well-furnished residential home during their time in treatment. After the first month in the program, the property functions as more of a sober living facility for the client. All clinical treatment, however, takes place at a separate outpatient facility. Learn more about residential life at Reflections by clicking below.

Residential Amenities

Outpatient Treatment ServicesReflections Recovery Center Visitor's Entrance

Our standalone outpatient facility is perfectly equipped for group therapy sessions and one-on-one counseling, among other modalities of treatment.

All clinical treatment is delivered at this elegant, spacious facility. Learn about our many outpatient services by clicking below.

Outpatient Treatment

Aftercare Services

We’ve noticed that many of those who have rehabilitated in Prescott remain attracted to the area, choosing to live close by after graduating our treatment program. Therefore, we’ve opened up aftercare services to all Reflections graduates. These individuals have opportunities to meet our current clients, attend 12-step and accountability group meetings, and much more.

Aftercare Program

Physical Health Services

Reflections Recovery Center is now one of the few addiction treatment centers in the country that is licensed and approved to provide physical health services to clients. This means that new clients will undergo a physical exam after being admitted into our program. Learn about the many benefits this service adds to clients’ overall treatment.

Medical Services

Your Journey to Addiction Recovery Begins with an Assessment from Our Addiction Treatment Program Experts:

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