Men’s Recovery Aftercare to Inspire Lifelong Sobriety

So it’s been said that men like a good challenge…

The path to self-discovery through rehabilitation is paved with twists, turns, hills and valleys. After clinical treatment, holistic therapy and physical challenges, there is an overwhelming sense of triumph.

What lies ahead on the road to recovery? Continuing the process and sharing that wisdom with others. Reflections Recovery Center offers this and more in our addiction recovery aftercare program.

Reconnect Socially, Grow Remarkably

Recovery is like fighting the good fight because life has a way of “dishing it out.” With our aftercare services, clients survive and conquer by utilizing several tools needed to stay on top of sobriety. So no matter what life brings, they’ve got the resources and support to overcome any challenge.

Reflections offers an aftercare program that continues to build fundamental life skills as our graduates transition back into mainstream society. We build on each client’s talents and goals, taking into consideration work and school schedules and day-to-day obligations. A client’s individualized aftercare plan is customized to enhance, not inhibit, daily life – for today and going forward.

Aftercare at Reflections Recovery Center

Our aftercare program includes a combination of outpatient treatment services plus the opportunity to live in a sober living residence with other graduates. Our alumni here are completely responsible for paying rent and managing their residence, which gives them the valuable experience of being accountable for their own home with close access to peers and Reflections mentors.

Our aftercare program in Prescott, Arizona includes:

  • Twice-a-week group counseling sessions
  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Weekly monitored UAs
  • Sober living residence for up to three months
  • Resources to help find a job and new home
  • Recreational activities with fellow alumni and current clients
  • Ongoing accountability during transition

Experience Is the Greatest Teacher

There’s something to be said about camaraderie. The friends one makes in recovery are often the strongest relationships they’ll have. Reflections’ aftercare programs allows clients to break bread with like-minded men who understand life’s obstacles and who have lived through similar fears and challenges.

Through constant interaction, there are opportunities to mentor and grow, share personal stories, provide support and listen to insights from others. This strengthens the ability to communication more effectively with one another and in the wider world.

Support Tools that Go to Work from Day One

“Real life” after treatment can look and feel much different than before. Clients in recovery are stepping into uncharted territory and looking at life through new eyes. Our aftercare program helps bridge the gap between the initial treatment period and mainstream society’s expectations.

Going back to the hectic schedules of work or school, personal obligations and high expectations can present stressful situations. Stress is often the trigger for relapse back into addiction.

With Reflections’ continuing care, men in recovery get the support needed to counteract and counterbalance stress triggers. In a world full of emotionally damaging interactions, aftercare is a constant relief. It promotes accountability that leads to positive action, reinforcing the inner-strength in our alumni to carry on and rise up toward something greater.

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