Restoring Family Relationships

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is dependent on drugs or alcohol, it reaches into the lives of friends and family too. Relatives will often share pain and fear, and quite often—when the loved one enters treatment—the family feels like they’re left behind to simply pick up the pieces and wait.

A family joins hands together.

Addiction Recovery Involving Friends and Family

At Reflections Recovery Center, we believe healing involves friends and family. Between the questions that clients have and the stress of a new situation, family can be an anchor in the storm—helping addicts find a steady and clear path to sobriety.

Likewise, the professionals at Reflections Recovery Center benefit from additional information about the client, and reaching out to those who understand the client best is essential to understanding some of the causes of the addiction. Insight into a person’s history can guide the addiction methods we use, making the treatment process even more effective.

The Reflections Family Communication Specialist

Consistent and effective communication is so important to our methods of recovery that we have a dedicated professional who works solely to improve and maintain relations among the client, his family, and his therapists. To make things even more personal, our clients see only one specialist for the duration of their recovery instead of being shuffled around to multiple people who must start fresh at every encounter. Our Family Communication Specialist will:

  • Provide weekly updates to approved family. Recovery involves everyone, and we want those with our clients’ best interests to have updated and relevant information.
  • Be available. Loved ones can contact our specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for instant answers.
  • Serve as a liaison. Our specialist is trained to relay requirements between parties.
  • Provide guidance. We want our clients and their families to have all the resources and instruction that they need during this process.

The Importance Of Family Involvement During Addiction Recovery

Usually, the best support team for anyone suffering is family. The love and encouragement family offers can help in an addict’s transformation journey. Though the help and advice from professionals goes a long way, nothing compares with what a loved one can offer. We truly value involvement from friends and relatives here at Reflections Recovery Center. Because of our commitment to working through addiction with the help of loved ones, we’ve designed special events to give clients a boost from the ones who mean the most to them.

Each quarter, we host a Family Weekend. This two-day workshop was created to educate family members about addiction. They’re taught about the recovery process and given communication techniques to provide extra encouragement to their loved one during treatment. There are also workshops available to inform them about family roles and dynamics for a more prepared and promising future.

The event consists of many other enlightening and fun activities that give the clients a chance to interact with family in a healing and positive environment. If you have any questions about our Family Services or the Family Weekend event, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We Offer Family Intervention Services for Those Needing a Professional Interventionist
Before Admitting a Loved One into Our Programs:

Our Intervention Services


Addiction Enabling Assessment

Family involvement can either help bring someone’s addiction to an end, or it could prolong the drug or alcohol abuse. If you have a loved one that displays a worrisome level of substance use and no one has taken any formal steps to help put an end to it, then there’s a good chance you or someone else in the family is enabling this potential addiction.

Worried that you might be the enabler? We’ve put together a 14-question assessment with yes or no answers that you can take right now. Based on your answers, we’ll determine if it appears that you are enabling, and then tell you how you can find help for yourself and your loved one, if that is the case.