Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program for Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Reflections Residential Rehabilitation Facility located in Prescott, ArizonaReflections Recovery is proud to welcome those in need of addiction treatment and rehab to our residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Located in Prescott, Arizona, our facility is modern, clean and conveniently located near downtown Prescott.

Guests live in our comforting residential facility while undergoing treatment on site and at a nearby outpatient facility. This includes participating in social events, activities, therapies and various other treatments throughout the day designed to help patients overcome their addictions.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to recovery. Residents here get to practice the skills they will need to stay sober for the rest of their lives.

Our Serene Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Our residential inpatient addiction treatment program offer the following advantages:

Peaceful Facilities That Encourage Healing

Visitors to Reflections Recovery Center are greeted by warm and welcoming staff in a large residential facility. Our guests are assured the utmost privacy, and we also provide storage space for their belongings. Close proximity to the local community college and university helps to create an optimistic atmosphere.

Inside our plush facility are large, inviting common areas. These spaces are designed to hold residential meetings for up to 12 people. There’s also a private study for quiet, personal reflection. The living rooms are cozy and spacious, and are furnished with comfortable furniture and modern entertainment systems. The kitchen is well equipped with hi-tech appliances.

Private Quarters for Reflection

All of our bedrooms are clean, modern and decorated to inspire quiet reflection. Linens, bedding, toiletry items and cleaning supplies are all provided. In fact, all that clients need to bring is identification, an insurance card and any current medications.

Individuals are also allowed to bring appropriate clothing for the season, personal toiletries, non-Wi-Fi devices (such as CD players or classic iPods), cameras and decorative items to make the lodging feel more like home.

A Place for Healing

In the beautiful northern Arizona climate, we’re surrounded by several natural wonders to explore. The town of Prescott is charming as well, with a rich history and mild weather. Located in The Prescott National Forest, an area known for its beauty, our clients can recover in the peace of nature.

In addition to evidence-based clinical therapies, we also provide holistic and naturopathic care to our patients. These treatments may include yoga, reiki and others, depending on the needs of the patient and his individualized treatment plan. We also put a high priority on nutrition, encouraging a healthy diet and participation in activities such as hiking, swimming, BMX riding and various other sports.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment FAQ

Considering an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for yourself or your loved one? It’s not surprising that you have concerns. We’ve prepared some answers to the questions that our clients voice most often. We hope this resource can help you feel more comfortable about treatment.

Why Do I Need Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

Quitting substance use is a full-time effort. Having access to support and trained addiction specialists around the clock will provide you with the best chance for success in recovery. The residential setting allows you to block out distractions and focus solely on ending your addiction.

Will I Get Fired for Entering Treatment?

Your employer can’t hold it against you if you ask for time off to seek treatment. That being said, you won’t be protected if seek treatment after your addictive behavior causes problems at work. The best way to protect your career is to get care before the problem escalates.

Should I Get Treatment Close to Home?

For many, closeness to loving family is a helpful advantage in treatment. However, getting treatment too close to home presents added temptation to those trying to end their addiction. Secluded, yet accessible treatment facilities like ours in Prescott, offers the best of both worlds.

Is Rehab Covered by My Insurance?

Today, more insurance companies are covering drug and alcohol treatment than ever before. You’ll have to work with your insurance company to determine which programs are covered, as well as how much of these costs the provider will assume.

Start Looking for Treatment Now

Getting treatment at a renowned facility will greatly improve your chance of recovery success. Reach out to Reflections today at 888-866-7504, and start securing your drug- or alcohol-free future.

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