Getting Him to Commit to Rehab

Meeting Room at Reflections Rehabilitation CenterAs a full-service addiction treatment facility, Reflections Recovery offers the full continuum of care involved with addiction recovery – from beginning to ongoing treatment. At Reflections, our warm and compassionate staff is here to help you and your family in every step of the addiction recovery and treatment process

We offer our interventions services to families and individuals who need to make use of an intervention strategy to achieve total recovery, as well as a serious effort to succeed from the individual who will be admitted into our treatment center.

Our intervention specialists are extremely professional in their approach to alcohol or drug intervention services, following proven strategies for intervening, and keeping the safety and health of those struggling with the addiction and their families very close at heart.

Our Family Services Throughout Addiction Treatment

Our commitment to the family of our guests undergoing treatment starts from the beginning of the recovery process, as we can provide the family with numerous resources to aid in the initial phases of getting a loved one into treatment – including the use of our professional interventionists and intervention services – and throughout the treatment process.

There is much healing to be done during treatment, and many of the wounds that need to be healed include the family, and repairing the relationships that may have been damaged by the substance abuse, addiction and the many family problems that often arise from there.

Our family (staff, therapists and doctors) makes it a point to ensure that families have a full understanding of the program details and their loved one’s progress. Even better, families are allowed communication and involvement – to a conservative and healthful extent – in the treatment process.

The Reflections Experience

Unlike other facilities, we don’t just focus on the time a client spends in our care. Instead, our services are truly comprehensive: We help before, during and after treatment for a brand new lease on life.

We also cater to people all across the nation. Those in the Prescott area can take advantage of our assistance in person, and we’re happy to refer families in other parts of the country to their own local professionals. If you need support and knowledge on your side, contact Reflections Recovery Center.

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