Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in Prescott, Arizona

Reflections Residential Rehabilitation Facility located in Prescott, ArizonaReflections Recovery is proud to offer Arizona residents – and our guests from out of state – our residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Located in Prescott, Arizona, our facility is modern, clean and conveniently located just north of Old Town Prescott just off the 89 and 69 interstates.

Guests in our residential treatment program live in our residential living facility while participating in the events, activities, therapies, and various treatments that occur throughout the day. We pride ourselves on providing not only a safe and healthy environment for our guests, but also a peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to healing, and allows residents learn how to utilize the skills they learn throughout treatment and apply them to their everyday life.

Our Serene Inpatient Treatment Program

Peaceful Facilities That Encourage Healing

Reflections Recovery Center boasts an incredible campus. There are minimal neighboring properties, yet we’ve also installed privacy provisions to ensure the utmost privacy of our guests. Residents can take advantage of additional storage space for their belongings, as well as on- or off-street parking. The proximity to the community college and university helps create an atmosphere of success and potential.

Inside our home-like facilities, there are large common areas. These spaces are designed to hold residential meetings of up to twelve people. There’s also a private study for quiet, personal reflection. The living rooms are cozy, yet spacious, and are furnished with comfortable furniture and entertainment systems. The kitchen is well equipped with updated appliances.

Private Quarters For Reflection

All of our bedrooms are clean, updated, and decorated in a fashion that encourages quiet reflection. Linens, bedding, toiletry items, and cleaning supplies are all provided. In fact, all that clients need to bring is identification, an insurance card, and any current medications.

Individuals are also allowed to bring appropriate clothing for the season, personal toiletries, non-Wi-Fi devices (such as CD players or classic iPods), cameras, and decorative items to make the lodging feel more like home.

A Location For Healing

In addition to evidence-based clinical therapies, we also provide naturopathic medicine, yoga, reiki, and more, in accordance with each client’s individualized treatment plan. We offer numerous experiential activities such as hiking, sports, swimming, and outings to destinations like museums and amusement parks.

In the beautiful northern Arizona climate, we’re surrounded by natural wonders to explore. The town of Prescott is charming as well, with a rich history and mild weather. Located in The Bradshaw Mountains, an area known for its beauty, clients can recover in the peace of nature.

Overcoming addiction is about healing the mind, body, and spirit; when clients give themselves the time to recover with our residential services, they can begin healing the root causes of their addictions.

Recovering from an addiction, whether it’s to drugs or alcohol, is best done with the help of professionals with experience and proper training. Our residential services give clients the opportunity to remove themselves from the temptation of their addiction, all in a home-like environment.

If you’re considering residential treatment—for yourself or a loved one—give us a call today and speak with an admissions representative or counselor. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions. After all, overcoming a substance abuse problem is a second chance. Find the most comprehensive facility available for the greatest chance of success. Reach out today, and help us secure your drug or alcohol-free future.

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