Common Addiction Questions Answered

One of the scariest parts about drug or alcohol abuse is that it’s very difficult for a person to know when they’ve crossed the line. When does substance use become a full-blown addiction?

It may be time to get treatment but you may not even know it. This FAQ provides real, straightforward explanations about what addiction looks like and what you can do to get help. Click on any of the questions below to see our answer.

What Is Addiction? What Are the Signs I’m Addicted?

Is Alcoholism an Addiction?

Can I Get Addicted to Prescriptions Even If I’m Prescribed Them?

How Can I Get Addiction Treatment Help?

What Is the First Step to Getting Clean?

How Long Does Treatment Typically Take?

Will Treatment Help Me If I’m in Trouble with the Law?

What Can I Do to Prevent Relapse Once I’m Clean?

Our Team Can Answer Other Addiction FAQs

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