Structured Sober Living Program for Men

During substance abuse treatment, especially after the initial clinical detox period is over, the world appears different to a man in the midst of addiction recovery. As a client reflects on who he was and who he is now, his outlook on life can shift day to day.

As he considers how best to become a productive member of society, negative thoughts can reenter the mind, hampering recovery and engaging relapse. Finding one’s own inner strength and having the motivation to stay sober are keys to long-term success.

In a National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism-funded study that monitored the abstinence rates of 300 individuals during an 18-month stay at two different sober living programs, results showed a substantial increase in sobriety.

Reflections Recovery Center is committed to providing sober living services to support the needs of young men who are reentering society after graduating from a professional substance abuse treatment program.

Sober Living Opportunities for Reflections Graduates

Upon graduation from their primary treatment program, men have the opportunity to apply for our aftercare program and a spot in one of our sober living residences. The homes are near our primary residential facility in Prescott, Arizona, giving our clients easy access to our nearby outpatient services while still promoting a feeling of independence.

We have three residences that house between eight and 13 people each, and like our main program, these are male-only properties. The men who live in the homes hold jobs and pay rent, fully supporting themselves financially and managing their own residence, all while receiving aftercare services through our outpatient program.

Through the sober living and aftercare program, our graduates start gaining valuable life experience in supporting themselves while still receiving a certain level of support from us in a substance-free environment. This helps men transition back into everyday life beyond treatment as smoothly as possible.

Men in our sober living program have the hands-on opportunity to more easily transition into a lifestyle without addiction by:

  • Paying rent
  • Contributing to household duties and decision-making
  • Holding jobs
  • Attending school
  • Balancing treatment with daily responsibilities
  • Practicing life skills

Access to Aftercare Services in Prescott, AZ

Reflections’ aftercare services consist of group counseling twice a week, monitored UAs once a week and individual counseling once a week. And, of course, our alumni continue to have the opportunity to participate in outings and trips we organize around the southwestern U.S.

Our sober living residences are available to graduates for up to the first three months after they’ve completed our primary treatment program. After that time, we help support these individuals with personalized resources to find their own place to live, slowly moving them back to full independence.

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Sober Living Makes for a Man with a Plan

How to get from here to there? The answers are laid out in a sober living plan. Because each client is different, our addiction recovery sober living program can be customized based on an individual’s needs, overall diagnosis and recommended length of stay.

Effective treatment is enhanced by a sober living environment that provides a place that a man in recovery can call home during the transition back to mainstream society, and where he can count on the people he associates with to share his commitment to sobriety.

If you’re seeking an integrative, positive drug or alcohol rehab treatment center with a sober living component, call us today to speak with an admissions representative who can answer your questions and concerns about getting sober and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

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