Clinical Drug and Alcohol Therapy Propels Recovery

Clinical Addiction Therapy Facility in ArizonaReflections Recovery Center in Prescott, Arizona takes a dual approach to helping our male clients recover from drug and alcohol addictions. On the more evidence-based, traditional side is clinical treatment. And on the more experimental, yet highly rewarding side is holistic therapy.

Yes, many treatment centers offer both clinical and holistic treatment. But what we believe separates ours from most others is the fact our clinical treatment is offered at a separate, yet nearby, facility from where our clients sleep and eat. We believe this well-furnished, offsite location helps take away distractions as clients interact with our counselors in group and individual settings.

Reflections Recovery Center has gone to great lengths to find some of the best and brightest licensed clinical addiction specialists from around the country. With a great clinical team on board, we’re able to offer our clients the best in clinical addiction therapy.

Types of Clinical Addiction Therapy We Offer

As we mentioned, our clinical drug and alcohol therapy takes place in an offsite facility from where our clients reside as part of our men’s inpatient addiction treatment program. This outpatient facility is a large, modern office space that features several rooms for one-on-one counseling as well as meeting and conference rooms for group sessions of various sizes.

Our licensed clinical addiction specialists offer several of the most advanced clinical therapies in the industry. Explore what we have to offer in clinical addiction therapy by clicking on any of the following techniques to learn more.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Motivational Interviewing

Trauma-Informed Care

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